A word from our clients:

Just a few words of thanks. I remain very impressed at your speed and efficiency, even though we are overseas and our only contact is by phone or email.

Thanks, the orders are flying in, I really should have done this years ago, and the time the website is saving me in administration is magic. I keep telling people you get what you pay for & my investment is already paying off. Looking forward to the next stage with you. Thanks again

You made it all so easy, the website is doing more than I anticipated, and the booking system is excellent. There is no one else I would have doing a website for me. Good Job Well Done

The website is absolutely fantastic and doing really well, most of the enquiries we have had have come through there, and it all works fine.

Again thank you both so much for everything, we will be recommending you to everyone.

Olivos by design have built us a fantastic user friendly website and provided us with a first class back up service, we highly recommend their skills.

Reviews of our Apps:

Ultimate Car Dock : This app gives you a simpler (safer) menu for apps you need while you drive. It also gives you exceptional text to speech to hear and answer messages.

Extra Tip: The key to using any touch screen in a car is simplification and automation. Ultimate Car Dock only shows the icons you need. And, I set up favourites for locations and contacts for one touch navigation and dialling, and I use codes in my calendar entries for one touch access to conference calls.

Awesome! Love this app! Love how I can hear and send text hands free. And now can accept and even start a call hands free. Worked seamlessly with my Bluetooth in my car as well. My new favorite app by far. Plus, can customize the apps I want at my fingertips. Perfect as I travel and use Yelp a lot.
Highly recommend. 5 stars!

An Amazing App. When I first saw this app and read the description I thought that it might be a bit too good to be true, however the app does exactly what it says and it does it really well too.

The app has many great features one of which I really like is the speedometer, which may not be useful to everyone but can be useful to those who may have a malfunctioning speedometer such as a friend of mine. Definitely the best feature is the texting, sometimes you get an important text that you need to answer. This app makes answering texts much safer when driving. Great app with a great idea. I could definitely see this app going far.

Great App, Great Support! I had an issue with the app not launching another app properly and the creator Warren, was able to track down and fix the issue. He is including the fix in the next release I also seemed to have an issue with running hangouts as the default SMS app and UCD picking up the text messages. I had a nice little correspondence with Warren and he instructed me to restart the phone and reinstall the app and try again. I then realized I had already reinstalled in the recent past. I gave it another quick test and voila it did indeed work.

I recommend getting a smartphone dock for your car and using this app for when you are on the road. It's fantastic and so is the developer behind it! I hear that if/when google expands or creates the API for hangouts that integration with hangouts may make its way to UCD. Thanks for making a great app! Keep up the good work!

Awesome app to use while driving I was looking for an app that would help me drive safely. I kept driving and texting which I know is not safe. I am happy I found the Ultimate Car Dock app.

The app has many good features and works great with my Galaxy S4. I can easily reply to texts with my voice and the app is easy to use. If you text while driving, download this app.

Just what I looking for...Great app... The app itself is pretty cool. Works well on my Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 3. Started automatically when connect to USB car dock and help me a lot in driving. Voice controlling is superb.

Excellent app.. Highly Recommended.

Every driver needs this app! Many of us are guilty of talking or texting while driving; let Ultimate Car Dock make that possible while keeping you safe! With this app all you need is your voice to answer that urgent call or text. Also, you can customize this app your way with the option to add up to 30 shortcuts!

Worried about saving power? Click on the settings to enable sleep mode, adjust screen brightness, and turn off your wifi. Ultimate Car Dock is a must have!

Keeps up with my pets! This app has been a big help in taking care of my animals. It makes it simple and easy to keep up with my dogs' grooming, vet visits, and even medications and feeding times!

It also stores my pets' personal information in case one of them gets lost or in case of emergency.

Great for tracking multiple animals. Galaxy note 4. I love this app. I foster cats and kittens, this helps me keep track of vaccinations, microchip numbers, Rabies tags etc Thanks.

Best Pet App out there Great App, light years ahead of other pet apps I have tried. The reminder's are excellent and easy to use, love the design too.

5 stars. I love this app and going to recommend it to everyone that has a dog. I only found this app because someone at the dog park told me that they wish there was an app for dog parks. Well there is and it has much more

Best pet manager app!!! Just updated this great pet app. Giving it 5 stars now because of the handy recent changes they made. This app is very handy if you have several pets or even one. Nice to have that info available for our pets when we need it.

HAPPY CAMPER Useful app, particularly since I foster adoptable dogs for a rescue and need to keep facts well-organized. Especially appreciate the backup options. Developer responded to my inquiry immediately and cordially. An exceptional experience. Thanks, Warren!

Great app This app is very good for keeping track of my furry kids. Had a few problems syncing but the developer responded very quickly with advice. Thanks.