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Ecommerce Systems

What is it You look for when shopping online ?

In developing any ecommerce website we always consider your customers point of view, from layout to launch. It’s your prospective clients we are aiming for here. You know yourself, if an online store does not install you with confidence – you simply look to spend your money elsewhere! So, from captivating design and easy usability across devices, to optimal payment security and client correspondence, an online shopping experience can be made not only functional and efficient but fun and engaging.

Leading Edge Ecommerce Technology

Online surveys have concluded that 80% of all ecommerce mobile websites are less than an asset to their owners! Even so, 50% of all online searches are made from a mobile device. Therefore it is imperative you employ a professional and reputable Website Development Team to create your online store, people who will place you on the leading edge of the ever growing mobile market!

Your State of the Art Online Shop !

Your ecommerce application will be created with user friendly simplicity across devices, no matter how complex the actual checkout experience needs to be. This can be applied all online retail including;

We are more than capable of crafting any nature of ecommerce websites for you, extending to meet the needs of the heaviest of traffic in global on-line stores. Your website can be created to develop over time as your business grows, allowing you the freedom of starting small and evolving with your market.

You will be patiently guided through the entire procedure, with us by your side, you have the opportunity to make the most prudent business choices. Our streamlined ecommerce solutions take online interaction into a whole new dimension and security is paramount at every stage of development.

Our tailored ecommerce systems can include:

Without exception, all the ecommerce systems we create are entirely unique and custom built. We DO NOT use pre constructed templates or ready to use systems at any stage of development, as they simply do not support the level of customisation you need.

Ethics: One of the most under rated keys to online success

The development of trust and loyalty with your customers plays a large role in the growth and success of your website business.In today’s world of Social Media, you can’t get away with a substandard or sloppy service in any form. Orders and customer queries must be dealt with punctually and professionally. Adding a personal touch to automated responses is highly recommended. For example the incorporation of a scheme that addresses your clients by name when they enter your site, and also when they receive emails. Including a system that can track your customer’s purchase from delivery point to destination, will promote a sense of security for them and save you a lot of precious time answering phone and email queries! Giving your clients a means to relay their sentiments and opinions allows you to be proactive in targeted development. Comprehensive information on delivery, returns, terms and conditions is also very important. If a client can feel YOUR attention to detail, they will be more inclined to become a regular customer.

Back office features

A secure administration system permits you to keep your product details fresh and up to date using a standard web browser, which you will find straightforward to use. Additional features can include a real-time orders database and stock control keeping you informed of your product sales. Customer database for future marketing strategies are a popular add on for email campaigns and newsletter systems.

Building Affiliations to grow your business

Implementing an Affiliates plan can increase not only your sales but your internet profile. This is achieved by giving other websites the opportunity to sell your product through a secure and sophisticated linking system, while giving them the opportunity to receive a commission on any sale made through the link. 

Secure Online Payment Systems

Implementing the best payment system for your market is vital. Using the services of a payment processor, which can be your own bank or a third party such as PayPal, your client will be able to purchase products or services securely from your website or mobile app with their credit card. If it is required to store credit card information, the details are encrypted in a database and never revealed to anyone.

Most of the more complex ecommerce web sites have the facility for customers to create their own accounts. This involves a simple registration procedure for your client where they enter all the details they wish to have securely stored online along with a chosen password. This password when entered verifies the user, giving the site authority to access the client’s account, which makes the return to purchase much simpler, as your client won’t have to enter shipping details etc all over again.

In short you need a company who can represent your ethos to the highest of standards, and create a solid and safe ecommerce environment for your clients. We fit that bill !