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Choosing a Web Design Company

Caring for our Clients

This is an area we particularly pride ourselves in; we maintain the highest of standards and feel that it is imperative that you as our client are not only provided with a state of the art website but also with personal attention and genuine care. Our philosophy is simple; we give the level of service that we wish to receive. With that in mind our customer care is second to none!

This page has been composed therefore to give you a few pointers towards helping you decide which Web design company to choose.

The Language of Web Design

From the very start ask questions, the more the better, and the only silly questions are the ones not asked! Answers must to be given to you in a way you understand. We are not all Internet wizards who find the net a great place to shop and spend time. To many, the Internet is a vast complex area, to some it is intimidating. When employing any Web Design company, make sure they can convey exactly what your project entails in a clear, understandable way, and never be afraid to ask any questions.

Inspired Creations!!!

Its always best if the Web design company you choose to work with is truly interested in your project. Use your intuition, if you feel the company is simply trying to sell you, then contact another. Working with people who genuinely care about your project will give you a far better end result.

Responsive Web Design

This basically means that a website is created to perform consistently on each and every device and screen size. The design will dynamically change to fit the screen it is being viewed on giving an optimal viewing experience. This is something that should be discussed thoroughly, as its not only important to your users, but imperative for SEO !

Response Time

You can have the most sophisticated site which captures your audience and works perfectly, but what happens when your site needs immediate attention; say you have just realised a date or price is wrong! It is vitally important that your web design team is there for you after your site has been launched to deal with any such problems immediately. Ask about their response time, test it, send them an email, leave a message on the answer service, and see how long it takes for them to respond.

E Commerce Websites

The easiest way to find a web design company up to the task of creating your online shop is to ask to see their examples of e-commerce sites. Then, try them out yourself.

There are a great many online payment solutions to e-commerce web sites, from simple Pay Pal accounts to secure online credit card facilities. It is vital to your sales that your website incorporates the systems that best suits your market.


There are many, many hosting companies out there and most of them are incredibly cheap! Have you wondered why? What happens when they crash, do you wait a day or even more before your site is live again? Your web site is best hosted with a company who employs, or runs a reputable Data Centre that has onsite maintenance and support staff available 24/7, so that any problems what so ever are remedied immediately.

If you and your clientele are based in Europe then a European hosting company is recommended, as the response time of your website will be faster. A hosting account also needs to have regular back- ups (storing all your data on a separate system and on back-up discs). Another significant consideration to discuss is the ability to access your Website Statistics. The inclusion of Anti Spam is also incredibly important, as being flooded with junk mail is at very least annoying. Make sure your domain name is registered in YOUR NAME, it is after all yours, no company has the right to register it as their own. If they do it can cause major problems later on if you wish to use another web design or hosting company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is a vast area and fundamental to most if not all websites. What good is it if your beautifully designed website can’t be found! How easy was it to find the website of the company you are considering? SEO starts in the very foundation of your website, employing a number of sophisticated programming techniques and if you want to stay at the top, ongoing professional SEO management.

SEO is complex with many avenues. When you employ a reputable Web Design company, listen to the advice they give you concerning SEO as there is a lot you can do yourself to help in this area, and again ask questions, because the more you know about SEO, the better equipped you are to control your website.


Always look for references, if the company is truly honest, their references will be displayed on their website with a link to the client so you can contact them directly, the more references shown the better. Run through a selection of them, call them up and ask a few questions.

After Thought

There is usually more than one way to create any component of a website, again make sure to ask. A quality Web Design company will be able to give you options to suit you, explain the difference in implementing them into your site and what they anticipate the response of your online audience will be.

Truly outstanding Web Design Teams put their heart and soul into providing their client with only the very best of service. We place ourselves among them; our promise to you is EXCELLENCE, resulting in a product that completely fills its purpose, you can rely on and be proud of.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Leona Graham
Design Director