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Search Engine Optimization

Imagine your website is listed properly:

You type your relevant key phrases into google, and - ZOOM. There’s it is, your site, proudly listed, your potential clients can see your services, and they are browsing your website credit card in hand.

Isn’t that the Way it should be ?
- Well Yes of course it is !
It is exactly what we do for our clients.

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For the readers among you, we have drafted a very brief, introduction below to SEO & SMM.

Olivos by Design is a highly professional SEO company based in Malaga Spain. We have studied SEO, and its results for our clients, for over 14 years. Therefore we are (as we should be) specialists on the subject, and more than able to advise and help you.

First an Overview

The subject of Website promotion is vast. The information below is just a short quick introduction for you. And, as every website differs, not only in its subject matter, but in its functionality, so the approach to SEO and SMM is unique for every site created. Your site has a potential viewing market of over 1 million people per day, this is very serious stuff !

Furthermore, SEO must emanate from the very groundwork of your website. This makes the difference between having a site created that will naturally rank highly in the search engines early on. Or, having a site that you needlessly have to spend a lot of extra money on, for it rank anywhere at all…

So Let's tackle Search Engine Optimisation :

I’ll break it down for you into its 2 relevant parts.

Onsite SEO :

Experienced Onsite SEO is the backbone of any website optimisation plan. It is applied in the very foundations of a website, and carries on throughout the creation process. Most notably it includes the proper use of clean responsive html coding, and quality SEO friendly text content, along with implementing the most current and experienced of programming techniques.

In other words - Your website must be laid out in such a manner that it loads quickly, is viewable across all devices, and is easy to navigate. This will enable the search engines to travel deep within your website and index each page effectively.

Onsite SEO is painfully overlooked by many web development companies, leaving the client having to spend fortunes after launch on Offsite SEO …. Professionally implemented Onsite SEO can be all you need to have your site found readily by your clients.

Offsite SEO :

This refers to optimization techniques performed away from your actual website. Much of which includes creating Valuable links back to your website - Note the word Valuable.

Link building is a time consuming process when done correctly. The content for the link has to be written in an authoritative manner, and trusted link resource has to be found, then implemented.

Building valuable backlinks has sound and steady benefits. Results are seen over time as the links are added in a rhythmic, natural way.

Offsite SEO will be necessary if you are in a highly competitive market with strong competition for your keywords. When this is applied professionally, it is more than possible to have your website found easily by your target audience - no matter how saturated your market.

Now to the Wonderful World of Social Media Marketing :

Whether you are a Facebook Fanatic ... or not ... the weight the social media scene brings to online promotion is massive! People share, whether over a cup of tea, or over twitter, people talk …. and You want them sharing and talking about your product, or service in the most positive of ways. So, the social media sites must be gleamed for all they are worth - while Always however, being treated with the utmost respect.

Some people have the temperament and time to do this themselves. But those of you who prefer not to step into the online social scene, can rely on us to create a glowing social media presence on your behalf.

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