Hosting Solutions

Custom Hosting for Your Website :

The importance of powerful and reliable hosting is paramount. Your website must be unfaltering for your online business to thrive and keep your clients contented in the knowledge that they are able to utilize your site at any time. The ever present face of your business is vital to your online success.

The optimum hosting solution for you will depend where your market lies, it is always best to host your site in the vicinity of your clientele; this ensures a faster response time from your website. If you are Europe based then we can confidently provide you with a Hosting package tailored to your needs. If however your market is based in the States, or else where, we will happily recommend the best hosting company and package for your project, we will even manage your account for you if necessary.

State of the Art Hosting

Olivos by Design runs its own High Speed Dedicated Servers from one of UK’s finest Data Centers who provide 24/7 onsite maintenance. Our extremely dependable and advanced Hosting Solutions are accompanied with 24/7 Email Support, so no matter where you are or what you need, our expertise and competence are at your fingertips. We provide a fast and efficient online service to the largest scale of data applications, who in turn, serve a world wide clientele. Each hosting plan allows new solutions to be developed and added as your business grows.

Hosting Accounts include:

Bespoke Hosting Solutions

Each Hosting Plan is created to our client’s specific needs, in order to provide you with a bespoke account that fits and drives your website perfectly, whether you have a need for php support and large MySQL databases or a simple safe environment to home your online presence.

Your website statistics can be accessed by you in order to keep an ongoing eye on your traffic. Along with which search terms are being used to access your site, from which countries you are generating traffic and which referrals are working for you.

Sophisticated Anti Spam systems are implemented to every account as standard ensuring you are not flooded with junk mail, while allowing every email from your website to be received without delay. Our webmail systems are easy to use, very reliable and any amount of email addresses can be given.

All our Hosting accounts are backed up on a daily basis. For your added security separate weekly and monthly backups are also administered. Our Accounts are carefully watched over from our offices here too, where security is again vigilantly tested and maintained.

These Hosting accounts are available exclusively to our clients. This means we are aware of every site on our servers, no one can host potentially “unsafe” or illegal data along side your website, which in return, allows us to present you with an elite service, ensuring you protected and constant online stability. We work hard to ensure your options really are beneficial and straightforward!